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Lie Back For A Stylish Hair Cut On Comfortable Barber Shop Chair

Lie Back For A Stylish Hair Cut On Comfortable Barber Shop Chair

People head to the salons to improve their general appearance by availing beauty treatments like manicures, pedicures, hair styling, facials, waxing, threading, hair straightening, perming and other therapies. For many of these parlour works, a satiny smooth lounging bed or a recliner chair becomes a compulsion. One of the most used and “mis-used” chairs in a salon, is the chair where the barber gives stylish haircuts to clients.


Barber shop chairs are specially designed for barber shops and are used typically for styling a hair do, hair wash, hair massage, giving a haircut or taking a shave. The hair stylist makes the customer sit in a comfortable position on padded barber shop chairs and starts to cut hair, shaping it into a fashionable style. A comfortable and relaxing chair with a comfy filled out footrest and headrest relaxes the customer while the beauty therapists gives a haircut, hair massage or shave. The chair can be reclined at awkward angles and the skilled stylist can reach difficult areas of the head to showcase his hair styling talent to optimum best.

Chairs used by the barbers are not ordinary, and are prepared out of sturdy and durable material .These sitting recliners designed by experienced craftsmen, are fixed into the ground so that they remain fixed in one position. The chairs provide a revitalizing experience to the customer and leather, wood or metal used in its making are not harsh on the skin. The seat can be swivelled around according to the needs of the hair stylist. The “easy-accessible” headrest makes hair washes, haircuts and hair combing easy from all angles.


Barber shop chairs have a lever or a jack that helps in height adjustment. The chair can swivel, recline backwards and rotate as well. The upholstery used for the chairs are of long-lasting resilient material that is easily cleanable. These expensive pieces of furniture are a one-time investment and the salon owners need to be very selective in their choices. The chair covers need to blend in with the internal décor of the parlour so that they blend in with the surroundings and other furniture items. The customer has no idea that the comfortable chair he or she is sitting in has been prepared for industrial purposes and may have been purchased from far off places depending on the brand and type.

Many times parlours go for upgrading and at this time they put out their old expensive furniture for sale and add new shop chairs for their salons. Comfort, style and practicality are the three main reasons for choosing a particular sitting furniture item. Normally black is the preferred colour for styling chairs as it blends in with almost every salon décor. Before the salon is set up an appropriate budget needs to be fixed for salon equipment and calculated estimate will help you fix a rough amount needed for total expenditure. Then start purchases and convert your traditional salon into a plush smart parlour.

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