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Manicure Tables

Salon Manicure Tables

Nail art treatments cannot be performed perfectly without hands being placed on a salon manicure table. Compact manicure tables that have been ergonomically and creatively designed are the best buy for a salon. The beauty therapist and client both find a manicure can be performed easily to perfection when it is done on an appropriately placed and proper sized manicure table. Nail designs and art need a professional table specially meant for hand works.We, at Aegean Salon Decor provide most comfy and affordable manicure tables. Salon manicure tables are our speciality and the stain free material used to create it will help it stay clean and hygienic at all times. Just log on to Aegean Salon Decor and order manicure tables cheap right away.
Periodically, manicure tables for sale are advertised by us and you can grab amazing discount deals on specialised beauty salon manicure tables by Aegean Salon Decor online. Modern salon tables have a cabinet that can be slid open and a top where nail paints can be displayed. The tables are used to make attractive designs and patterns on the nails with different colored nail polishes, and also to provide a thorough wash and massage to tired hands.Electrical devices such as a strong bright lamp or a small water facility can also be connected to salon manicure tables so that there is enough light to colour and design nail art, and warm water for a rejuvenating manicure. You can ask us for client recommendations and experience our highly comfortable manicure chairs anytime.
Aegean Salondecor deals with a wide range of attractive, well-designed, sturdy and strongsalon nail tables and supplies them to various beauty salons. You can get adjustable and easily movable tables now at a very reasonable price. These tables that are built to last a long time can be tucked away at a convenient place in the beauty salon.Salon equipment needs to have class and style. Products at Aegean Salon Decor can cater to needs of clients and beauty therapists. These salon “musts” also blend in with décor and budget of the salon.