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All products offered by Aegean Salon Decor are covered by a limited parts warranty. Any requests for warranty service will require the approval of Aegean Salon Decor, in the form of a RMA. Requests for warranty service may be resolved by issuing replacements parts, replacement of complete units, a refund or warranty repair services. Any such resolution, completed in full shall constitute the fulfillment of any and all duties by Aegean Salon Decor in regards to the warranty of its products. Such resolutions are the sole remedies available to the consumer.

In the event that a product needs to be shipped back to Aegean Salon Decor for warranty service and the customer has had the product for 30 days or less from the date of delivery, Aegean Salon Decor will pay for the return of the unit. If the customer has had the product for more than 30 days from the date of delivery, the customer is responsible for any shipping and /or packaging costs incurred in return shipping and such fees shall not be reimbursed by Aegean Salon Decor. Warranty repairs will be attempted before a complete unit replacement.

Labor, parts or unit replacements shall not constitute the extension or renewal of the warranty period. Any warranty service that necessitates shipping the unit back to Aegean Salon Décor will require a minimum waiting time of 7 business days for diagnostics and/or repairs.

 All replacement warranty service requests will require the original product be ship back to Aegean Salon Decor, or that a deposit be made payable by the customer. Once the original product is returned, the deposit will be credited back to the customer.

All items are covered under Aegean Salon Decors’ 1 Year Parts Warranty with the exception of the following: Standalone electronic appliances such as facial machines, towel warmers, sanitizers, etc. are covered for a period of no more than six months from the date of delivery. The limited parts warranty offered by Aegean Salon Decor does not cover damages incurred by wear and tear, extensive or heavy use, abuse, tampering, and modification or mishandling.

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